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Contact Lens

Contact lenses are devices made of medical grade plastic materials used mainly for correction of refractive error. They offer a more active spectacle free life, greater cosmetic acceptability, better & clearer images, lack of misting and a wider field of view than spectacles. The contact lens clinic at Centre for Sight provides contact lens trial, fitting and dispensing for cases ranging from simple refractive errors to complex corneal surfaces such as post-transplant eyes and patients with keratoconus.

Low vision aids

Low vision is diminished sight with minimal ability to see (particularly central vision) that is unresolved or uncorrected with traditional eyeglasses, contact lenses, intraocular lens implants, or corrective surgery. However, in some cases, persons with low vision may be aided with special visual devices.

There are many causes of low vision, including, but not limited to, Macular degeneration, congenital defects present at birth, injury to the eye or brain, diseases like diabetes, glaucoma etc.

Management of Low Vision involves Evaluation, Prescription of low vision devices and rehabilitation. Low vision evaluation is a process that helps to assess the visual needs of a person with low vision. An ophthalmologist or optometrist, who specializes in low vision, performs a comprehensive visual function evaluation using special charts.

After thorough examination, the ophthalmologist gives advice on:

  • Optimum use of vision
  • The low vision devices required and their usage
  • The best adaptation to home, school, the workplace and nearby surroundings

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