SynergyMed Suites

SynergyMed Suites

Introducing Synergy MedSuites, the Shared OPD Chambers on Rent for Physicians and Surgeons.

Suitable for Physicians and Surgeons of all Specialities to run their independent OPD facility without the hassle of buying/renting, renovating and staffing the whole place.

Well equipped modern OPD chambers in prime locations in South Delhi. Managed by Synergy Eye Care, who are already pioneers in similar Group Practice model for Ophthalmologists who come and share the resources of an advanced Eye Care Centre with a team of over 20 Eye Surgeons working together.


To know more and to schedule a tour, contact us on +91 6262-1111-44
Address: A 6, CR Park, Outer Ring Road, Near Savitri Flyover, New Delhi

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Dr Vinay Garodia on Group Practice Harmony