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What is Entropion?
Entropion is the inward turning of the eyelids. It may be associated with eyelashes rubbing against the eye (trichiasis).

What are the symptoms of Entropion?
A patient with entropion may experience symptoms like redness, watering, irritation in the eyes. The patient may feel the eyelashes rubbing against the eyes, or a constant feeling of something irritating the eye. Some patients may notice inward turned eyelids.

What are the causes of Entropion?
Entropion may be present in children since birth (congenital). It may develop in adults due to the normal ageing process (involutional), after injuries/ surgeries (cicatricial), as a result of infections like trachoma or inflammation of the eyelids.

What is the treatment for Entropion?
Treatment for entropion can be either surgical or non surgical. For mild cases, you may be prescribed artificial tear drops to lubricate the eye and protect the cornea. However, for congenital and more severe cases, surgery to correct the position of the eyelids is the only choice.

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