Post-Operative Instructions

Post-Operative Instructions (After Surgery)

At home after discharge

  • Resume your regular systemic medications and start any additional medication given to you on discharge.
  • Blurry vision, mild pain, irritation, tearing and a gritty feeling are common the first day after surgery.
  • Vision may be blurry & will improve over the next few days.
  • Use prescribed eye drops as instructed: A gap of at least 5 minutes must be kept between different eye drops. Eye drops should be instilled in the eye by pulling down the lower lid only. Do not touch the upper lid.
  • Maintain position as specified by your doctor.
  • You can stay in normal lighting conditions immediately after surgery.
  • Do not touch/rub your eye with finger or cloth. Wash your hands with soap and water and then clean your eyes when required from outside with cotton which has been boiled in water for 10 minutes, cooled & squeezed dry or use sterile wipes.
  • Resume your normal diet. There are no dietary restrictions. Normal household work and cooking can be started the very next day of surgery.
  • You can take head bath 7 days after the procedure but don't let soap/shampoo go into your eye for 3 weeks. Do not splash water directly on your eyes for 3 weeks. No eye makeup or threading for 3 weeks.
  • Do not do aerobics/yoga/swimming, or play contact sports until your eye surgeon says you can. Complete visual recovery may take 3-5 weeks. The final spectacle prescription is given 3 to 4 weeks after the surgery.
  • You can watch television even on the day of surgery if and for as long as you are comfortable. You can start reading even on the day of surgery with your old glasses if you are comfortable.
  • All patients must be seen the day after surgery by one of our team of doctors. Someone else should drive. Bring all medications and instruction sheets to every post-operative visit. You may require laser treatment in the post operative period as advised by your doctor.
  • In case of silicon oil implant surgery, you will require silicon oil removal at a later stage.
  • In case of vitreoretinal surgery with gas/silicon oil injection, post operative visual recovery would be gradual.
  • Air travel is not advised for patients with gas injection surgery done.

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