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Fellowship Program at Synergy

Synergy Eye Care (formerly Visitech Eye Centre) has three advanced eye care centres located at Delhi (South Delhi) and Gurgaon. We strongly believe in our Core Values of: Competence, Integrity, Safety and Compassion.

Synergy has a team of Experienced Senior Luminaries and Energetic Young Ophthalmologists who share the facilities at Synergy Centres. We learn from each other and get support from each other. Between us we cover all the super-specialities in ophthalmology and help each other with cross referrals. We regularly interact with each other physically and on online platforms to exchange ideas, surgical recordings, clinical dilemmas and newer advances in a very informal and frank manner.

One Year Comprehensive Fellowship

Comprehensive Fellowship Training (1 year program):

A successful practice of ophthalmology requires the person to be proficient in at least Cataract Surgery (preferably Phacoemulsification), including complications management, with good awareness of Medical Retina, Glaucoma, Refractive Surgery, Cornea, Squint, Oculoplasty etc. Our fellowship program is planned to impart all these skills to the candidate and fill in the gaps in their training and make them ready for practicing in the real world.

Along with these clinical and surgical skills, it is mandatory that one is aware about Financial, Safety, HR and Social skills to be able to plan and manage one’s practice and finances well.

Synergy offers a wonderful platform to young ophthalmologists who have just come out of their training from Medical Colleges to get an exposure to all the Eminent Specialist doctors in their own fields along with an exposure into Management skills of running an eye practice.

We offer a year-long Fellowship program where you would be getting hands on experience in managing OPD, OPD procedures and essential surgeries like Phacoemulsification, LASIK laser, Management of Surgical Complications, etc. You would also be observing the OPDs (including the most important aspect of counselling and talking to the patients), OPD Procedures/Investigations, and Surgeries of different specialist doctors. The person would also be trained practically on how to manage HR, Inventory, Accounting, taking Financial decisions while investing in machines, Managing complications, Medico-legal concerns, Safety issues, NABH compliances, etc. This training would be hands on while working with the Director and relevant heads of various administrative departments.

At the end of fellowship, some candidates may be offered a job, visiting consultancy, etc. based on mutual requirements. All those who plan to start their own practice, would be given guidance to start the practice, buying machines, establishing protocols and Safety and NABH norms, etc.

If you are interested, please email:

Dr Vinay Garodia on Group Practice Harmony