Pre-operative Instructions

Pre-Operative Instructions (Before Surgery)

These are the next steps to follow, after your Doctor advises a surgery:

  • Meet the IPD Surgery Counsellor: The Counsellor would explain about the surgery, options, packages, help with TPA/Panel queries, connecting you to the Cashless Desk, Scheduling Surgery, Explaining Pre-op tests and precautions, etc. If you could not meet the counsellor during your OPD visit, you can also contact her by Sending WhatsApp to or by Calling the Centralised Phone Number +91-6262-999-333
  • Book OT Slot: The IPD Counsellor would schedule your surgery based on your convenience and surgeon’s and OT slots availability. A mandatory refundable OT Booking Fee of Rs. 5,000 shall be charged at the time of booking. This is essential to allot you a confirmed booking slot to ensure minimum waiting and inconvenience on the day of surgery. This booking fee shall be adjusted towards your surgical package charges on the day of surgery. If you cancel or postpone your surgical appointment, you must inform our Counsellor, well ahead in time. In such situations, the Booking Fee can be refunded or adjusted. But in case of patient not reporting on the scheduled day of surgery without any information, this Booking Fee shall be forfeited and not returned.
  • Informed Consent and Health Education: At the time of booking the surgery, you would be given a copy of Consent Form. We encourage you to read in details and ask all the clarifications, if any, from the treating surgeon(s) before going in for the surgery. We also encourage you to read our disease related Webpage and watch our relevant Videos to better educate yourself about the surgery and its risks and benefits. We encourage you to Be a Partner in Your Own Eye Care.
  • Insurance (TPA) and Govt. Panel Cases: For patients with Cashless facility, the counsellor would connect you to the TPA desk and assist you with the procedures.
  • Instructions Before Surgery: Take head bath one day before/on the day of surgery. Wash your face with soap and water 2-3 times, the day before surgery. Avoid any makeup, face cosmetics, perfume or deodorant on the day of surgery. Report with your previous medical records, investigation reports, Medical file etc. when you report for your surgery.
  • Medications and Investigations: Continue taking your regular medicines for heart/BP/Diabetes/Peptic Ulcer etc. before and after the surgery. If you are using Aspirin or Blood thinner medicines, confirm from the counsellor if you need to stop them before surgery (though nowadays for Injection Free surgeries, we don’t stop these any more). Use the prescribed antibiotic drops and dilator drops (if prescribed) before the surgery as per the instructions given by your IPD Counsellor. Get the prescribed Investigations (blood tests, ECG, Urine test etc.) done and bring the test reports with you when you come for the surgery.
  • Be Punctual for Surgery: Follow the Pre-operative instructions and Report on time for your surgery. A patient arriving late, or coming without confirmed surgical appointment, may not get operated at the scheduled time and his/her surgery may even get cancelled/postponed. We plan to strictly adhere to our surgical time schedule and minimise waiting and inconvenience to our patients. However, due to certain emergency situations or unexpected delay in previous surgery, or other reasons, the surgery may get delayed. Kindly bear with us and come with extra buffer time on the day of surgery.
  • Mode of Payment: For IPDs we prefer Cash, UPI direct transfers or Cheque. Credit Card payments may be declined.
  • Discharge: After surgery, the discharge summary with instructions and medications shall be explained to you. It would also have the contact number for you to call in case of any post-operative emergencies.
  • Follow Up: Before leaving the centre, you may please fix your follow up appointment with the Appointment Desk.