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Posterior Dislocation of Lens

Posterior Dislocation of Lens

What is Posterior Dislocation of lens?
The lens is a transparent, disk-shaped structure in the eye that focuses light onto the retina, allowing us to see clearly. It is located directly behind the pupil and is held in place by fine ligaments (tough bands of tissue). A posteriorly dislocated lens is a lens that has moved back out of position into the vitreous because some or all of the supporting ligaments have broken. Sometimes, pieces of Lens may also fall behind in the vitreous cavity. This may happen as a complication of cataract surgery when posterior capsule rupture (PCR) occurs.

What are the symptoms of Posterior Dislocation of lens?
A dislocated lens often causes blurred vision. The amount of blurring depends on the extent of the detachment and dislocation.

How can we diagnose Posterior Dislocation of lens?
It is diagnosed clinically by Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy and Indirect Ophthalmoscopy done after dilating your eyes with eye drops.

How can we treat Posterior Dislocation of lens?
Posteriorly dislocated lens or lens pieces may cause inflammation of the eye and may damage retina and vision. It is managed by doing a special Vitrectomy surgery with the help of Phacofragmentation and other techniques. This procedure is performed by retina surgeons. This surgery may be done on the same day of the cataract surgery or may be done later after a few days when appropriate facilites are available.

After vitrectomy and removal of lens or lens pieces, an artificial lens (Intraocular lens or IOL) can be implanted using special techniques. The IOL may be placed in the sulcus over the capsule, or in Anterior Chamber or as scleral fixation using special glue/technique.

Synergy Eye Care is well equipped and its doctors are well experienced in treating this disease using required procedures and /or surgeries with good results. At Synergy Eye Care, since we are well equipped with retinal surgeon and facilities, in case of a cataract complication with posterior dislocation of lens, the retinal surgery is mostly performed at the same time with good results.

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