Hospital Visit Instructions

Hospital Visit Instructions

  • Booking Appointment: We encourage patients to visit us with prior appointments. You may book your appointment by contacting Centralised Appointment Desk (+91-6262-999-333) on WhatsApp or Telephone or by using our Online Appointment Portal
  • WhatsApp Services: We have integrated advanced WhatsApp features to connect better with Patients. Please make sure your mobile number registered with us is correct and has WhatsApp facility.
  • Fill Registration Form Online for New Patients: First time patients to our centre, need to fill a registration form. After booking an appointment, the patients who have not yet registered with us would receive a WhatsApp with link to online registration form. Ensure that you come to the centre after filling the online registration form. This would ensure there is no error in your data and you won’t have to waste time by filling the form after reaching the centre.
  • Be Punctual: For minimising your waiting time and smooth functioning, we request you to be punctual for your appointments. Patients coming punctually with appointment would be given priority over those who come late or come without appointment. In case you are getting late, we request you to inform the appointment desk and re-schedule your appointment time.
  • One attendant per patient: To minimize the infections in the hospital, we encourage our patients to bring a maximum of one attendant with them.
  • COVID appropriate behaviour: Keep your masks on and follow other COVID appropriate behaviour for your own and others’ safety.
  • Total Waiting Time: We try to keep the total waiting time within 1 hour for patients not getting dilated, and within 2-3 hours for patients getting dilated and/or undergoing some investigations/procedures. However, despite our best efforts, some medical emergencies and need of other more Vulnerable Patients may cause additional delay. We request you to please bear with us and plan accordingly for your visit.

    One may opt for our newly introduced ‘Fast Track OPD with Optos UWF Screening’ and get a more comprehensive and convenient eye checkup and get free within 30 minutes (click for more details).

  • Vulnerable Patients: Priority is given to Vulnerable patients like Emergencies, Elderly, Patients with infants, Pregnant ladies, etc. If you need any Assistance, please contact and inform the Registration Desk on arrival.
  • Registration Desk: After reaching the centre, please report at the Registration Desk on the entry floor. Here your OPD visit shall be generated and you would be guided to the relevant floor for your check-up.
  • Free Wi-Fi: At this stage, after creating OPD visit, you would receive a WhatsApp message with a code to connect to our free Wi-Fi (South Ex Centre only). We encourage you to utilise your waiting time by browsing our website especially the pages with Disease related information (Link would be sent to you through WhatsApp). This would help you to be more aware about your eye disease, ask relevant questions and clear your queries with the doctor and Be a Partner in Your Own Eye Care.
  • Panel Patients (CGHS, DGEHS, NDMC, ECHS, etc.): After creation of OPD visit at Registration Desk, you would need to Report to Front Office Desk (Upper Ground Floor) to submit your Permissions and get them verified.
  • Initial Work-up: The Optometrists and/or Associate Consultant would then take the history and do the Comprehensive Initial Workup including AR, NCT, Pachymetry, Vision, Refraction, etc.
  • Dilatation of Eyes: The Optometrist/Associate Consultant or your Treating Doctor may advise dilatation of the eyes in some situations for a more thorough Retinal Check-up. Dilatation takes approx 1 hour. After this your vision will be blurred for the next 4-6 hours. In case you need a dilated pupil examination we would request you to please have someone to accompany you as it would not be advisable for you to drive for next few hours.

    One may opt for our newly introduced ‘Fast Track OPD with Optos UWF Screening’and avoid dilatation in most cases and still get a more comprehensive eye checkup and get free within 30 minutes (click for more details).

  • Doctor Consultation: After comprehensive initial workup, and Dilatation (if required), your Consultant is going to examine you. After this he/she may decide to get your eyes dilated or advise some Investigations or Procedures.
  • Investigations/Procedures: The doctor may decide to perform additional Investigations and/or Procedures, as necessary, after your initial evaluation. The time and charges for these additional procedures will be conveyed to you before these are performed.
  • Prescription: After complete check-up, your doctor would explain the treatment and give you a Prescription Printout with findings, medicines, advice and glasses (if required). You would also receive a copy of Prescription as a pdf file on your registered WhatsApp number.
  • IPD Counsellor: If a surgery has been advised, you would be seen by an IPD counsellor to explain about the surgery, packages, TPA/Panel related support and to fix an appointment for surgery.
  • Pharmacy and Optical: At the end, before leaving the centre, you can visit our inhouse Pharmacy and Optical counter for dispensing the advised medicines and glasses. You can later also have the medicines delivered to your home, by contacting us on WhatsApp (+91-6262-999-333).
  • Follow Up Appointment: A regular follow-up is important for your eye health. We encourage you to fix up your appointment for advised follow-up visit from the Appointment Desk before leaving the centre.
  • Feedback and Suggestions: You would be receiving a WhatsApp message asking for your feedback. We request you to spend some time to give a feedback to help us rate our performance and improve our services.
  • Health Education: You would also be receiving some WhatsApp messages customised to your eye condition with links to the relevant health education web-pages and YouTube videos for you to read and see. We encourage you to be aware about your diseases and treatments so that you can Be a Partner in Your Own Eye Care.

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